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Novastone Delivers

With its unique asymmetric technology, novastone puts you directly where your clients want to talk to you. Built specifically for high touch customer interactions, novastone moves relationships from the inbox into an instant, compliant conversation across multiple devices.

  • Compliant
  • Secure
  • Integrated
  • Intuitive
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Public Services

Novastone for finance is a digital communication platform helping financial institutions transform communication and transactional experience with their customers. Turning out of date process into instant conversation, novastone brings together IM and native mobile apps in one seamless platform. Conversational banking at its finest.

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Novastone for health is a secure solution for clinical teams and patients which reduces the cost of out-of-date NHS and private sector process, while improving patient safety and health outcomes. It allows the sharing of patient-identifiable information, vital signs, medication and lab reports between clinical teams and patients.

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Novastone for public services transforms multiple paper processes within regulated industries like government, police and defense. Novastone for Public Services increases staff productivity, collaboration and co-operation. Replace unauthorized public IM platforms with tried and tested encrypted technology.

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Novastone for legal supports compliant and regulated conversations in a secure environment. Manage sensitive information in real-time and talk safely with your clients in their preferred method of communication. Novastone for legal instantly connects solicitors, agencies and clients during laborious legal processes.

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Building better conversations with features like...


Self-documenting conversations with full control and visibility specifically for your industry.


Real-time recording, monitoring and auditing of all your conversations.


Replace email and bring experts and colleagues in and out of client conversation allowing you to keep control.


Quickly and simply approve requests and processes with fingerprint and facial recognition.


Novastone is using cloud-native technologies bringing scalability and global reach. Deploy to your AWS account or let Novastone manage it for you.


Fully configurable with control over who can see and talk to who, and what they’re able to send on the platform.

Multi Device,

With the novastone chat operating system, seamlessly connect with your clients in a secure and compliant way independently of the channel they prefer to use without interrupting their experience.