About us

With its unique, patented asymmetric technology, novastone enables companies to communicate with their clients on their preferred platforms and transform the way conversation happens.

Who We Are

Mobile instant messaging has revolutionised the way we communicate. It is fast replacing traditional email correspondence with real-time conversations. People now expect to be able to chat instantly, anytime and anywhere, via easy-to-use unobtrusive technology.

For businesses, whose value proposition is built upon a high-touch and highly-personalised client experience, instant messaging has opened up a new intimate engagement channel that implies and reinforces a closer relationship with clients in a more efficient way.

novastone’s white label messaging solution is built for high value customer interactions and moves these relationships from the inbox into a conversation.

Faced with increasing levels of fraud, there is also a growing recognition that email no longer meets the needs of organisations that rely on secure and verified communication with their clients. Email fraud is costing businesses US$ billions globally and the threat is growing. When instructions and the transfer of certain confidential information can no longer be made by email, the process becomes more inefficient. The resulting phone calls and use of other communication channels take up more time and compromise the client experience.


However, for instant messaging to be a viable alternative to email, it needs to be secure and easy-to-use, as well as enabling efficient, confidential and compliant conversations.

Novastone is a sophisticated and secure, self-documenting instant messaging platform for organisations communicating with their high-value clients.




Our Team

Douglas Orr

CEO and Founder


Douglas Orr, CEO and Founder of novastone, has over 20 years of entrepreneurial background including multiple successful exits to companies such as GfK and Sungard. Douglas has founded world-renowned businesses with operations spread over many European countries and created revolutionary new technology in both the retail and financial industries.

Brendan McKitrick

Head of Infrastructure


Brendan has over 18 years of experience in technology leadership and innovation, with previous roles including CTO at Think Jam and Fuel Intelligence SaaS multi-channel platform. He applies modern, cloud-oriented approaches to architecting, securing and delivering application services.

Kit Wood

Head of Delivery


Previously Head of Technical Operations at a principal Enterprise Music Compliance SAAS provider, Kit has over 10 years experience leading technology departments and agile delivery teams. Encouraging a culture of learning and fast to unearth areas for improvement, he ensures the right environment and conditions to enable success.

James Stickland



As CEO of Veridium, and with years of experience of working within large technology and financial companies, James brings an in-depth experience to novastone as one of our trusted directors. Having worked with HSBC, IBM and JP Morgan, James has an unparalleled level of knowledge when it comes to transforming large organizations in a digital age.

Andy Felce



As a founding partner and member of the Global Management Committee of BTG Pactual, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to novastone as one of our appointed directors. Having worked with banking giants like Goldman Sachs and UBS, Andy has a primary understanding of the needs and requirements of the financial services industry.

David Charters


David has an extensive 20 year track record in the financial services industry, with roles as a diplomat and investment banker. Now an author, investor and entrepreneur, he makes a welcome addition to the novastone team of Directors.

Eddie Alleyn



Eddie Alleyn spent 35 years working for the UK Government. Including for five years as CEO of HMGCC, an agency of the FCO, leading teams designing, integrating and manufacturing secure communications and other systems for Government use. Over the last three years, Eddie has built a portfolio of Executive and Advisory roles with a number of innovative tech and cyber security start-ups and scale-ups in London and Oxford.

Richard Barnett



Richard Barnett is an accomplished digital product innovation and transformation leader with experience in conceiving, driving and managing some of the most impactful product initiatives at Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and JP Morgan. Most recently, Richard was a Managing Director of Digital Product Strategy at Goldman Sachs where he was responsible for integrating and enhancing the company’s trading, research, hedging and pricing analytics onto a common platform.