The way your customers communicate has changed – have you?

Take advantage of the new WhatsApp Business accounts using novastone Cloud.

novastone Cloud

Jumpstart your IM engagement by bringing together staff and customers through a centralised communication channel.


Quick Set Up

Get started on novastone quickly with a fully managed service and connect with prospective and current customers through WhatsApp.


Enhance Relationships

Strengthen your customer engagement through convenient, real-time conversations.


Always Available

Whether you’re on your computer or mobile, always be in touch with your customers.


Secure & Compliant

novastone automatically protects your messages and attachments from any attacks through end to end cloud-based encryption.

whatsapp-icon Rebecca (Customer): Hi Phil, I’d like to have a discussion about investing in agri-tech.
novastone-icon Phil (Staff): Hello Rebecca, of course. Let me loop in our agri-tech analyst, Jonathan.
novastone-icon Jonathan (Staff): Thank you for your interest, Rebecca. Are there specific companies you’d like to discuss?


$20 per user per month*


Web and mobile apps for your employees


WhatsApp account branded for your organisation


Regular updates with new features and functionalities

Protection against file-based threats with Glasswall technology


Access to online documentation


No minimum commitment

*Price may vary with additional features

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