The way your clients communicate has changed – have you?

Engage with clients on the channels they use most, messaging!


Novastone is the next generation conversational banking technology that empowers instant client engagement and workflow enhancements, whilst ensuring compliance, control and accountability.

I have a great deal on copper today
Would you be interested in having a look?
Yes, of course. What's the deal?


Self-documenting conversations with full compliance capabilities developed specifically for the financial industry.



Real-time recording, monitoring and auditing of all your conversations.



Replace email and bring experts and colleagues in and out of client conversation and keep control.



Quickly and simply approve transactions with fingerprint and facial recognition.

Email fraud costs businesses billions globally and the threat is growing. As an alternative, consumers and employees are turning to instant messaging as a means of communicating given the ease of use and conversation-like benefits.

“Financial firms need to keep records of all written business communications, no matter how innocuous, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority,”


WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users, growing its user base by 233% in 4 years and WeChat has 1 billion users, expanding by 152% in the same time period.


“The Financial Conduct Authority, the UK financial regulator, fined Christopher Niehaus, then a banker at Jefferies, more than £37,000 for passing confidential client information to a “personal acquaintance and a friend” on WhatsApp to ‘impress’.”

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